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Tea Machinery and Engineering Company (TEMEC) Ltd is a manufacturer of processing machinery and equipment serving Kenya and the East Africa region.

TEMEC is an engineering subsidiary of Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) Holdings Ltd and was established to offer innovative, high quality processing machinery and services at competitive prices.

TEMEC’s focus is on agro-processing machinery, especially tea processing machinery and equipment. Its target customers are the various KTDA managed tea factories, other tea processing companies and customers who require engineering services.

TEMEC’s products are manufactured at its state-of-the-art workshop located at Kampala Road in Nairobi’s industrial area. The workshop is fully equipped with machines to roll, bend, and drill and cut sheet metals. It also has lathe and milling machines for cutting shafts and gears. Other equipment include welding and grinding machines

TEMEC also provides installation and maintenance services to the tea industry. In addition TEMEC supplies various spare parts and consumables to the processing industry. We have partnered with reputable suppliers of conveyor belts such as Esbelt S.A. of Spain and Pennwalt Ltd of India to supply vibroscreen machines and their spare parts.

TEMEC has highly qualified and competent staff that produces high quality products and offer first class support services to its clients.

Core Values

In an endeavour to realise its vision and mission, TEMEC upholds the following core values:



To fabricate and install high quality tea machinery and other equipment through leveraging, technology, skilled and motivated work force.



To be a regional leader in the manufacturing and sale of tea machinery and other engineering products.


Core Business

Our core business is:

  • Fabrication and sale of tea processing and other machineries to KTDA managed factories, subsidiaries and other customers;
  • Installation, maintenance and after-sale support services for the in-house manufactured and outsourced machinery used by our customers; and
  • Supply of machinery spare parts and engineering consumables.

Latest News

Please find our latest news here...
Please find our latest news here...
Please find our latest news here...

Tea Processing Machinery


TEMEC manufactures the following processing machinery and equipment.

Installation & Maintenance Services

TEMEC offers installation services for machinery and equipment at customer sites. 

Machinery spare parts


TEMEC is a major supplier of tea machinery spare parts and engineering consumables.

Workshop Services



We also undertake general engineering works at our modern facility. 

Contact us

Tea Machinery and Engineering Co. Limited

Kampala Road, Industrial area
P.O. Box 30213-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0734 333 338



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